Dia’s Journey Spokane to Mesa – Day 2 Ontario, OR to Ely, NV

photo 4

We had planned to get an early start but found it was cold and rainy when we got up so we waited till about 9am to leave. We were behind the giant rain storm that was heading north west, but apparently we rode too fast. We soon caught up, and it was a rain storm. We were stuck in the cold rain for about 100 miles. I am SOOOOOO glad I put my heated gear on before we left. Unfortunately Barry didn’t think it would be too cold, so he froze his ass off.

After the rain

After the rain

I also have to recollect that last time I was stuck riding on the freeway on my trip north to Spokane I got stuck in some horrible wind coming into Boise…so we were heading to Boise and were stuck in the cold rain…is it too soon to say I hate this place? We made it through Boise and to Twin falls where we stopped for lunch. A few miles before we got to Twin Falls we came into some horrific wind from the west, I think. I forgot my GPS but Barry still has me leading so I know the roads I am going on but I am not sure what direction I am heading at all times.

After the wind!

After the wind!

The sun was to my right so I was pretty sure I was heading South… Anyway, it was blowing from the west and making us ride at an angle. Before we made it to Twin Falls we stopped at a rest stop.

After I had gone to the restroom I saw there was an air hand dryer…let’s just say it looked like I had peed my pants from all the rain. So, I did what any biker would do. I dried my pants with the hand dryer. While inappropriately clinging to the wall to get the air on my thigh a lady looked at me, so I had to explain I was drying my pants after riding in 100 miles of rain. She laughed and said, “I have always wondered what it was like to ride a motorcycle in the rain.” I told her this wasn’t the best part, but it was all part of the journey! (A small reminder that I am a warrior princess on my Harley to most people…) So I sucked up my pouty cold self and climbed back on my steel horse.

 photo 3

We made it into Twin Falls and I wish I would have pulled off on the “scenic” overlook right when we got into town. We went over this big canyon that was carved out by Snake River, it was spectacular. You could see small rock islands and large rock islands that had been made into a golf course and it looked like something out of a movie! I was leading and supposed to pick the lunch spot. I stopped at “Jakers” which said “Bar and Grill” on the sign. I had to a place that served alcohol (although I am pretty sure Barry and I were the only ones drinking at 11:59am). I got the soup and salad bar and Barry got some tortilla soup and beer (Remind me to never let Barry eat tortilla soup again, or at least get my own hotel room if he eats it!)

Barry put on his heated gear and riding pants when we left Twin Falls and we both ended up having our heated gear on more than we didn’t have it on. The whole ride was pretty uneventful as far as scenery. There was some mountains and from Twin Falls to Ely we where on the “Great Basin Highway”, aka Hwy 93. There were signs for Elk, Deer and some other horned animal (antelope?) but we only saw small shrubs and mountains in the distance. The wind was much less about 50 miles south of Twin Falls. We made our way to Ely and there really wasn’t much to stop and take a picture of, but I got a few shots of use at a rest stop :).

 photo 5

Wait…did I mention today is Barry’s Birthday?! Yep, he is the big 31! (ok, not quite add about 40 years to that). I am so proud to be riding with my dad, he is so bad ass! So despite all the crappy weather and cold, I was still happy to be riding with my dad on his Bday. In August of last year we were riding together from Anchorage to Milwaukee. It is so cool to get to spend time with my dad and make memories on the road like this. There really isn’t anything else like it. I remember as a kid going on motorcycle trips with my dad in Arizona and New Mexico, now we are riding across the country together. By the time we made it to Ely, we were both pretty cold and tired. After we relaxed for a little while we walked to the hotel next door to get some dinner. We ate in a place called “Evahs” and was on the second floor of the smoked filled casino that was the lobby of the hotel, only in Nevada. The food was good and Barry was able to get his favorite, mac and cheese! Despite the weather it was a good day. Tomorrow is supposed to be cold in the morning, so we are going to wait till around 10am to head out.

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