This is how we do it in Alaska…

Trike riding in Alaska during the winter is not for the fashion conscious. You look like the “Michelin Man” with all your layers to stay warm, but it is probably the one of the best adventures I have had with my Harley lifestyle.


Our new Sales Manager at House of Harley, had this wild idea to do a trike ride on Halloween. From this seed we developed the Trick or Treat Ride to be a poker run to benefit The Downtown Soup Kitchen with a $10 buy in and prizes from House of Harley for the winner. I was in the mood for adventure so I told Sal he and I could go on the trike ride on a couple of used trikes we had. I figured I would borrow the beautiful used Dyna trike with the Frankenstein conversion that we just took in on trade. Well as things go, the trike I was going to ride was sold! Good for business bad for me. So, I thought well I guess I can take the new Freewheeler that is on the floor for a “demo” ride. To be 100% honest I was super nervous for this ride since I had never really ridden a trike more than around the parking lot and then add in the snow! Sarah, our Marketing Director decided to also join on a borrowed trike. I pretty much had no room to be nervous since she is pretty far along in her pregnancy and was hardcore enough to go on the ride!


After a super short practice ride I was already grinning ear to ear. So our small group of bad ass trike riders gathered up and pulled our first card for the poker ride. We headed out and in about forty-five seconds I knew I was hooked. I literally don’t think I have smiled so much in one ride in a long time. Trike riding is completely different than riding two wheels. Don’t get me wrong I won’t give up my awesome two wheeled bikes but trikes open up a whole new type of riding. It is a lot easier than I thought to switch from two wheels to three wheels. I was worried I would forget to keep my feet up at stops and have a hard time turning without the ability to “lean” in the corners. Our buddy Ben aka “Jamaican” gave Sarah and I some tips along the way on how to turn and where to ride in the lane. Our poker run was not super long or spread out but was so much fun. We had a small group, Dan on another Freewheeler, Ben on his Bengineered “big wheel,” Nich on his Dyna trike, Mike on his Sidecar Ultra, Ed on his Triglide Ultra, Sarah on the Sportster trike and myself on another Freewheeler. As we rode through town we had people waving and cheering us on. We even had a guy stop and take a selfie with us as he walked through the crosswalk. Our ride took us from HOH to the Northway Mall, then from there to the cemetery downtown (it was Halloween after all), then to Earthquake park and finally back to HOH for the final card.

After we arrived at the shop most of the group hung out and drank some coffee to warm up. I managed to do about 20 minutes of work and knew I had to go ride some more. We had such a beautiful day. So, I talked Jamaican and Nich into continuing our ride a little further. I was hooked.

Monday morning several roads were closed and we had something close to 60 accidents in Anchorage because of the snow we had and the icy roads. I stayed home for the morning and did some yoga. I had an appointment to get my hair done at 12:30 and didn’t want to miss that appointment (I have to maintain my bangs) so I jumped in my car and headed down the hill. I was only planning on getting my hair done then heading back home. However, after I made it down from hillside I saw the roads really weren’t that bad. The main ones were pretty much melted. I saw that my riding gear was still in the car from Saturday and decided I wanted to take that trike out again. The Freewheeler handles amazing. I can’t believe how well it corners and how much fun it is to ride. So I called my buddy Ben and asked him to go triking. Of course he was still in bed…at 1:30 in the afternoon, so after he got ready he met up with at the Peanut Farm. We grabbed some lunch and headed to the east side of town. Just a week ago Nich was saying how there are not enough people to ride trikes with, so I guess when he saw Ben and I posting our adventures he decided to join. He met up with us at Cabin Tavern on the east side. By the time we left there it was getting dark and a little icier, the Freewheeler handed great! We headed to downtown then back to the shop. Besides getting coated with slush from my fellow riders I had a blast! Now I am looking forward to getting some more heated gear and extending my Alaska riding season to year round.

IMG_3324 IMG_3322

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Harley-Davidson, Sturgis plan 75-year agreement

Deal Names Harley-Davidson Official Motorcycle of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally; Creates Year-Round Main Street Plaza For Riders in Sturgis, S.D.

MILWAUKEE – (Jan. 15, 2015) – Harley-Davidson and the City of Sturgis, S.D., are setting their sights on the future – far into the future. In the spirit of
this year’s 75th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, the company and city officials are finalizing an agreement covering the next 75 years making Harley-Davidson the official motorcycle of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

“Harley-Davidson riders have attended the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally for decades. This new agreement will help fuel many more years of freedom, independence and rebellion for this iconic gathering,” said Matt Levatich, president and chief operating officer at Harley-Davidson. “Riding is a passion passed down through generations, so it’s important we celebrate the legacy and history of Harley-Davidson in Sturgis, while helping creating new memories.”

As part of the agreement, a permanent plaza will be built on Main Street in Sturgis that will include a stage for events, concerts and even weddings. The year-round location, which will be completed in time for this year’s 75th rally, will be the official Harley-Davidson destination for riders and fans alike.

“For decades, Harley-Davidson has been the motorcycle of choice for Sturgis Motorcycle Rally fans and a great partner to the City of Sturgis,” said Sturgis Mayor Mark Carstensen.  “Today it gives me great pleasure to solidify its importance by making it the official motorcycle of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.”

Sturgis: Baked into the bricks of Harley-Davidson
To ensure the new multi-purpose space builds on the legacy of the brand and is pure Harley-Davidson, the plaza will integrate bricks from the company’s Milwaukee headquarters, a building that once housed the company’s factory dating back more than 100 years.

During a news conference at the company’s headquarters, Harley-Davidson announced the planned agreement, which has an initial term and renewals running through 2090. To unveil the deal, Harley-Davidson removed a brick from the historic front entrance using a 2015 Harley-Davidson Street® 750 motorcycle. That brick, alongside one from the Harley-Davidson Museum and 73 bricks from the headquarters’ famous motorcycle-only parking area will be delivered to Sturgis on Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Whether riders are trapped inside for the winter or riding south toward warmer weather, now is the perfect time to plan a trip to the 75th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The party starts Aug. 1, 2015, and for those who’ve had Sturgis on a bucket list, this might just be the year to attend. For inspiration and pictures from the 2014 rally, visit

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Dia’s Journey Spokane to Mesa – Final Days  

As planned we stopped by Henderson Harley-Davidson which I believe is Route 66 Motorsports. It is a fairly small shop, and back in the service area we found Carl, who used to work for my dad years ago. We chatted with him for a minute, then I headed over to motorclothes to find some sunglasses that were a little darker than the ones I had brought down. Tom came out from the service bay and we chatted for a while about the latest. It is always fun to catch up with old friends, he was part of our “party crew” back in the day when he worked at the shop. He walked us out to the bikes and Barry and I got on the road. We stopped for gas in a small town about an hour out of Phoenix, and we were going to get food, but we decided to eat a handful of nuts and hit the road to make it to our house a little quicker. It was HOT the whole way and we were ready to get into some AC.

 photo 1

When we got to the house my mom and their dog Zoe where already opening the garage door as we rolled down the street. We got the bikes parked and cooled off. Our house is right on the golf course, so we drove to the restaurant at the golf resort and had some lunch. Lorie was flying in around 9pm so Mom and I headed out to go shop for some household items. We are setting up the house to be ready for us when we come down as well as for renters, since we will be setting it up as a vacation rental. (If you are looking to rent let me know! This place is awesome)

Friday was pretty much a lazy day for Lorie and I, we both needed a little bit of “vacation relaxation” we went to the onsite gym to work out then later in the day walked to the onsite pool to lounge in the shade, swim and relax. We had a nice calm day, then later that night we cooked steaks on our built in grill in the back yard and sat by our cool fire place back there.

photo 2 (2)

Back to riding! Since Lorie and I decided to lounge around and talk business on Friday, we decided to get up a little earlier and get on the road. We headed out around 9am to check out my dad’s latest route that he had discovered, the Salt River Canyon.

 photo 5 (2)

We headed out of Mesa, Lorie on Barry’s bike and me on my Street Glide. We stopped in Globe for some gas, taking Hwy 60 toward the canyon. We didn’t have all day, since Lorie was flying home tonight, but we decided we would try to go to the canyon then come back to Globe for lunch in the historic part of town. Even the ride to Globe was full of scenic views, I LOVE riding down here. Surprisingly it was a bit chilly coming through some of the passes on the way to Globe as well as towards the canyon. We both only had sweaters on, so it was cooler then we planned!

 photo 3 (3)

The canyon was magnificent! It is full of some great curves and awesome views. It is a little slower paced, but obviously well loved by bikers as there were Harley riders everywhere! We rode through the canyon with no stops at a pretty steady pace then once we left on the other side we turned around and got a picture with the Salt River Canyon sign and headed back through. Lorie led on the way back and we preplanned to stop at two pullouts. The first one was right as you were going back into the canyon. This was the most scenic view. We were at the top of the canyon and you could see across most of it as well as some good views of the natural caves that were carved out of the rock cliffs from years and years of erosion.

 photo 4 (1)

While we were stopped and getting off the bikes I overheard the bikers that were parked their commenting “isn’t that the same two girls who just rode through the canyon?” I turned and told them “you have to do it twice right?” We had a quick conversation about how we were riding to the canyon and back. They asked where I was from, and when I told them Alaska, their next statement was “So you shipped your bike down here?” I told them, “well actually I rode it from Alaska to Milwaukee last year…” they looked surprised and suspicious. One was on a nice 2015 CVO Streetglide, same as mine but a different color and the other guy was on a pretty radical custom Street Glide. Not the kind of bikes you take down the AlCan, well unless you are a crazy AK Biker!:) We cruised back through the canyon and made it back to the other side. When we got back to Globe, we pulled into the historic part of town. There were great old buildings, unfortunately most of them empty. I am always excited to see old buildings being repurposed as shops and restaurants rather than having downtown be vacant. We parked the bikes and started walking down the street looking for a restaurant. We saw a little cafe first, and popped in. To be 100% honest I was totally scared to eat anything from there. It was this tiny little hole in the wall and the they were cooking the food on a large grill top right there in the same room. Much to my surprise, I ordered an egg and veggie “burro” aka burrito and Lorie got eggs and bacon. We were both completely blown away. Their food was 100% fresh made to order. The veggies were all cut in house and were fresh and the tortilla for my burro was so fresh I could have eaten it plane. It reminded me of the fresh tortillas you got in Costa Rica. It was so good I practically ate the entire burro that looked too big to eat when it landed on the table. The waitress was fun as well. It is obviously a family establishment, I am pretty sure the 3 big women cooking and serving were all related. After she gave Lorie directions to the bathroom, she told her “they don’t like it when you pee outside there” and gestured toward Main Street! what a crack up! We left with full bellies and smiles on our faces. When we got back to the bikes we found this awesome Buick parked next to us. Lorie is really into classic cars and even has one herself, so as she admired it, I got a brief lesson. She is pretty bad ass, knowing all that about cars!

As we rode out of Globe we spotted a few bikes sitting in front of what looked like a biker bar. Guess I will have to go back next time I am in town to check it out! Meanwhile, I am writing my blog sitting in our back yard with the fire going and a nice 75* on the thermometer. I could get used to this…unfortunately I am too young to retire, so I will be heading back to the cold land of Alaska in a couple days. In the meantime, I am going to explore the area on my Harley, since my parents are taking the rental car back tomorrow.

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Dia’s Journey Spokane to Mesa – Day 3 Ely, NV to Vegas

Barry kept checking the weather and it was supposed to be sunny but cold this morning leaving Ely. So, we took our time getting ready this morning and didn’t leave until about 10:20am. It was a little cool but the sun warmed us and neither of us used heated gear. We had a little trouble getting out of Ely, and I was trying to take 93 South but Barry followed a sign for Las Vegas which took us on 6. I had to do a u turn, but after a few seconds of bickering while riding on which way to go, I followed Barry. The sign did say “Las Vegas” but we had used a map yesterday and routed it on Hwy 93…I figured we would be meeting back up with 93 at some point.

Along the road

Along the road

Just out of Ely there was some fun curves through some mountainous area, but that only lasted about 10 minutes. From there we were back on the flat lands with mountains and hills in the distance. There were a few small towns, and as we drove through them all I could think was “why do people live out here? what kind of economy is there? what jobs do they have? etc” The little blips on the road broke up the scenery but it was mostly a lot of sandy and rocks. There was an area that had some lakes, and one of the smaller lakes was almost completely dried up. It looked like salt flats. It was so white, I thought for a second it was the reflection of the sun on the water it was so bright, but it was just a dried up lake. I imagine in the spring when they get more rain it actually has some water in it. Today there was a lone deer in the middle drinking out of a small puddle.

photo 4

We stopped in a small gas station a few miles outside of Alamo, but I was ready for some food, so I suggested we ride up the road to Alamo in hopes of a restaurant rather than gas station food. We found a cool little spot that was a hotel and restaurant. When we pulled in the parking lot there were two sherif’s vehicles, so I figured we would be eating lunch with the police and better not drink a beer!

photo 3

The waitress was a little goofy, but good natured. She informed us that they cannot serve alcohol but we could bring in our own. Of course, Barry always has some beer and some wine in the bike, so we had wine and beer with our lunch.

Byob or wine

Byob or wine

They had a veggie soup that was great with a sandwich. Perfect size for a road meal. On the way out the waitress asked if my husband had gotten his beer that she had put in the fridge…yep “husband”! I had to laugh and tell her that Barry was my dad. After a good laugh we hit the road with no layers, cause it was HOT out!



From Alamo we had a little over 100 miles to Vegas. It was more flat land, and as we got closer to Vegas there were all the power lines and different industrial looking buildings. Then after a few hills you could see the sprawl that is Vegas. The traffic got pretty busy and the roads were surprisingly shitty, I guess because they are too busy fixing the strip and keeping that part of Vegas looking fabulous. It was pretty hot going through all that traffic, and Barry and I decided to stop in Boulder.

I played $1 on a penny slot

I played $1 on a penny slot

Barry led us into this small casino/hotel. It was super old school and looked like time had forgotten it. The casino was small and full of stale smoke and old people playing the machines. We sat at the bar and got a beer, which were told would be comped if we spent $10 each on gambling…ummmm that is not a good deal! So we opted to pay for the beers which were $3 each. I had to laugh, if we had been playing the $1 slot machine and the waitress had come buy I could have gotten a beer for the $1 I put in the machine. I think she probably got a cut from the machines at the bar. Anyhow, I could only handle so much smoke so we headed out. We only had about 80 miles to go to get to Kingman.



We had called ahead and booked a room at the Best Western, only to find out there were two of them in Kingman…across the street from each other. As we were riding in, Barry was supposed to be getting directions from the “bitch in the box” aka GPS but we could see both hotels and we weren’t sure which one. I realized that the one of the left would be on the East side of the street which is what the address was, but the Bitch said it was on the right. We went inside only to find out it was in fact back at the other location on the other side of the street. When we got back on the bikes Barry yelled behind me “Just take me home, Dia!” I laughed and told him if he would have listened to me in the first place we would have stopped at the right one! So we finally got all checked in and settled. I am of course burnt in my classic face burn pattern with an extremely red nose and upper lip. I put on a lot of sun screen, but it just doesn’t seem to work since I only see the sun on my motorcycle adventures!

 Sun burn and giant margarita

Once we got settled we walked next door to a Mexican restaurant called Oysters…yes, not only do Mexican restaurants scare me, but one called “Oysters” in the middle of the desert is especially suspect!



Despite the scary name we walked inside and found it to be completely packed, probably because there are not many choices near by. There was only one server and she was busy, we ate a lot of chips and salsa and I had a margarita that was the size of my head. We split a chicken fajita, and overall the food really wasn’t too bad.

photo 4.5

Tomorrow we will be stopping at Mother Road H-D to visit the dealership as well as a couple of guys who used to work with us at House of Harley. Should be a fun ride and we will get in early. It is a short trip to Mesa where my mom, Karen is waiting with Zoe their pug. We will be getting our house ready so we can rent it out to travelers as well as for us. Tomorrow night, Lorie, our Harley-Davidson District Manager, also a close friend of mine will be flying in. We will hopefully get some TLC and some riding in on Friday and Saturday.

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Dia’s Journey Spokane to Mesa – Day 2 Ontario, OR to Ely, NV

photo 4

We had planned to get an early start but found it was cold and rainy when we got up so we waited till about 9am to leave. We were behind the giant rain storm that was heading north west, but apparently we rode too fast. We soon caught up, and it was a rain storm. We were stuck in the cold rain for about 100 miles. I am SOOOOOO glad I put my heated gear on before we left. Unfortunately Barry didn’t think it would be too cold, so he froze his ass off.

After the rain

After the rain

I also have to recollect that last time I was stuck riding on the freeway on my trip north to Spokane I got stuck in some horrible wind coming into Boise…so we were heading to Boise and were stuck in the cold rain…is it too soon to say I hate this place? We made it through Boise and to Twin falls where we stopped for lunch. A few miles before we got to Twin Falls we came into some horrific wind from the west, I think. I forgot my GPS but Barry still has me leading so I know the roads I am going on but I am not sure what direction I am heading at all times.

After the wind!

After the wind!

The sun was to my right so I was pretty sure I was heading South… Anyway, it was blowing from the west and making us ride at an angle. Before we made it to Twin Falls we stopped at a rest stop.

After I had gone to the restroom I saw there was an air hand dryer…let’s just say it looked like I had peed my pants from all the rain. So, I did what any biker would do. I dried my pants with the hand dryer. While inappropriately clinging to the wall to get the air on my thigh a lady looked at me, so I had to explain I was drying my pants after riding in 100 miles of rain. She laughed and said, “I have always wondered what it was like to ride a motorcycle in the rain.” I told her this wasn’t the best part, but it was all part of the journey! (A small reminder that I am a warrior princess on my Harley to most people…) So I sucked up my pouty cold self and climbed back on my steel horse.

 photo 3

We made it into Twin Falls and I wish I would have pulled off on the “scenic” overlook right when we got into town. We went over this big canyon that was carved out by Snake River, it was spectacular. You could see small rock islands and large rock islands that had been made into a golf course and it looked like something out of a movie! I was leading and supposed to pick the lunch spot. I stopped at “Jakers” which said “Bar and Grill” on the sign. I had to a place that served alcohol (although I am pretty sure Barry and I were the only ones drinking at 11:59am). I got the soup and salad bar and Barry got some tortilla soup and beer (Remind me to never let Barry eat tortilla soup again, or at least get my own hotel room if he eats it!)

Barry put on his heated gear and riding pants when we left Twin Falls and we both ended up having our heated gear on more than we didn’t have it on. The whole ride was pretty uneventful as far as scenery. There was some mountains and from Twin Falls to Ely we where on the “Great Basin Highway”, aka Hwy 93. There were signs for Elk, Deer and some other horned animal (antelope?) but we only saw small shrubs and mountains in the distance. The wind was much less about 50 miles south of Twin Falls. We made our way to Ely and there really wasn’t much to stop and take a picture of, but I got a few shots of use at a rest stop:).

 photo 5

Wait…did I mention today is Barry’s Birthday?! Yep, he is the big 31! (ok, not quite add about 40 years to that). I am so proud to be riding with my dad, he is so bad ass! So despite all the crappy weather and cold, I was still happy to be riding with my dad on his Bday. In August of last year we were riding together from Anchorage to Milwaukee. It is so cool to get to spend time with my dad and make memories on the road like this. There really isn’t anything else like it. I remember as a kid going on motorcycle trips with my dad in Arizona and New Mexico, now we are riding across the country together. By the time we made it to Ely, we were both pretty cold and tired. After we relaxed for a little while we walked to the hotel next door to get some dinner. We ate in a place called “Evahs” and was on the second floor of the smoked filled casino that was the lobby of the hotel, only in Nevada. The food was good and Barry was able to get his favorite, mac and cheese! Despite the weather it was a good day. Tomorrow is supposed to be cold in the morning, so we are going to wait till around 10am to head out.

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Dia’s Journey Spokane to Mesa – Day 1 Spokane to Ontario

Today I had lunch in Moscow and dinner in Ontario. I am such a world traveler…well it was Moscow, ID and Ontario, OR but still exciting none the less. Barry and I flew from Anchorage to Spokane on Sunday, arriving around 11pm. We got settled in at the hotel and tried to get some sleep for the first day of riding.

 photo 3

Lonewolf HD took great care of my bike, they have had it stored for me since my ride last Spring from Tucson to Spokane. Barry got his new Road Glide Special at House of Harley-Davidson and had it tricked out with a stage 4. He managed in all his “retirement time” to put about 600 miles on it to break it in before he had it shipped south. The bikes were ready to go, but we didn’t do a very good job with arranging for a pick up while they were closed. Thankfully, all the Ernst family are super gracious so after a few texts and phone calls from me to the son’s, Chris and Bill Ernst, their dad Greg showed up to let us in to get our bikes. I am so thankful we were able to get our bikes out even though they were closed! Greg even let my dad get some gas and a couple of bungee cords. They are genuinely good people and I am so glad I got to meet them through out HD dealer group…aka 20 club.

photo 1 (1)

Waiting to get the bikes out of Lone Wolf HD

photo 2

Thanks Greg, Beth, Bill and Chris for taking care of our bikes!

From Lone Wolf HD we headed toward Lewiston, ID. This was all a bit of deja vu from my last trip since it was the same route I had taken on the way up. There were a lot of differences however, like fields that were once green and full of crops, tan and cleared as well as trees turning yellow, orange and red from fall. We are really lucky, even though it is fall, it is still pretty warm with temperatures from 60 to 70 during the day and some great riding.

With out late start and not having much options for dinner (actually no options) and breakfast (gross hotel food) I was starving by noon. We stopped in Moscow, ID to grab some food. I found an area that looked like Main Street. It was a college town and although I saw a restaurant right up my alley (fresh veggies and good ingredients) Barry opted for the Casa del (Something) Mexican restaurant. The chips and salsa was ok…but the fajita salad I received was terrifying. It was enormous and not very yummy. I ate a few bites and already felt my stomach disagreeing so I stopped.

photo 1 (2)

Scary lunch

photo 4

The scenery was diverse and it still surprises me how there can be pine trees and woods one minute them miles and miles of fields with rolling hills. The air changes temperature with the changing elevations and with water etc. From just outside of Spokane we got on 95 and headed south. This is the same route I took until we got to the split with 55 where I had come from Utah. We continued on 95 this time which took us into Oregon. We stopped at a little gas station tonight at about 4:30pm. I was feeling pretty tired and was hopeful Barry would let me convince him to change routes to 55 and stay in McCall. It was a super cute town and only about 10 miles from the intersection with 95 and 55. I had to go inside and get some coffee to wake up, and when I came out we selected a hotel that was supposed to be 73 miles…more like 93 miles or more! Oh well, we made it and had a “special” dinner at Denny’s. Another road meal I could live without! At least they had those mini bottles of wine…

photo 3 (2)

Barry trying to figure out his iPhone

photo 2 (3)

Thank god for small bottles of cheap wine

Well tomorrow we are heading into Nevada and this will all be different scenery and a long trip so I will have to make sure I wake Barry up extra early so we can hit the road!

photo 4 (2)

Safe for the night…I hear there might be rain tomorrow

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Survey of U.S. Dads Reveals: 32 Percent Forgotten on Father’s Day; 53 Percent Would Return Gifts; and one Even Received a Santa Necktie

MILWAUKEE (May 29, 2014) – While Father’s Day is meant to celebrate fatherhood and family, new data shows most American dads aren’t feeling the love. This year, Harley-Davidson rides to the rescue with a list of fresh ideas for unique Father’s Day gifts to let dad know how cool we think he really is.

A few lucky dads will also win upgraded gifts in exchange for sharing photos of past year’s flubs on Twitter or Instagram and tagging the post with #HDGiftSwap.

The survey, commissioned by Harley-Davidson, interviewed more than 1,200 American dads about their Father’s Day gifts and experiences. The findings are clear that not all dads get their due on their day — following are a few of their confessions:

  • Sadly: Nearly a third of American dads (32 percent) confess they’ve had family members who have completely forgotten about them on Father’s Day.
  • My Family Missed the Mark: More than half (57 percent of fathers) confessed to receiving a Father’s Day gift they did not like.
  •  “Take it Back:” More than half of dads surveyed (53 percent) said they’d received gifts they wanted to return. Perhaps that’s because more than half of the dads also confirmed they’ve received the same type of Father’s Day gift more than once.
  • Not All Gifts Are Created Equal: When asked about the worst gift they’d ever received, dads were pretty candid, sharing the following gifting gaffes:
    • “A painted rock.”
    • “A tie with Santa Clauses on it!”
    • “A coffee mug – for the 4th year in a row.”
    • And, perhaps with mixed emotions: “My 45 year old unemployed daughter moving in.”

“We love our dads, but oftentimes we hit a roadblock when it comes to ideas for Father’s Day gifts,” said Karen Davidson, Creative Director, General Merchandise, Harley-Davidson Motor Company. “That’s why we’re amping up Father’s Day with some great gift ideas so families can get out of the dad’s day gifting rut and give him what he really wants.”

#HDGiftSwap = Gift Upgrade

Through June 15 (Father’s Day), the Harley® Gift Swap invites dads to share on Instagram or Twitter the strangest, goofiest or worst Father’s Day gifts they’ve ever received. When they tag it #HDGiftSwap, Harley-Davidson will surprise a select few dads with free gear.

Stumped? Check out the Great Father’s Day Gifts at the House of Harley-Davidson! 

Harley-Davidson has the ultimate in cool Father’s Day gifts – from classic vintage tees and glassware to motorcycle accessories.


About Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Harley-Davidson Motor Company produces custom, cruiser and touring motorcycles and offers a complete line of Harley-Davidson® motorcycle parts, accessories, riding gear and apparel, and general merchandise. For more information, visit Harley-Davidson’s website at

About the Harley-Davidson Father’s Day Survey

The Harley-Davidson Father’s Day Survey was conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs, a leading global insights firm, May 8 to May 15, 2014, among 1,242 adult American men who are fathers, using an email invitation and an online survey.


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