Dirty Thirty

This morning I woke up to a text from my mom…”so happy I’m thirty” which I didn’t realize until tonight was an acronym for SHIT. Well played mom, well played.

Despite my personal anguish with leaving my 20’s I am blessed to be spending my 30th with amazing friends from all over the country at the Annual Harley-Davidson Dealer Show. This year, they revealed the brand new Milwaukee Eight Engine! This motor is a game changer and my birthday ride from Boston, MA to Mesa, AZ will be a testament to that.


Thanks for the shot of wine Si!

Let me start at the beginning…

A few months ago, my District Manager strongly encouraged me to go on the “Dealer Ride” which is a ride that only HD Dealers can go on with some HD Executives after the Dealer Show. After some prodding, I finally agreed and signed up for the ride. I then discovered I was going to ride a brand new 2017 model and that it was going to be billed to my dealership. After a quick inquiry I didn’t seem to have a good chance of HD shipping my new bike back to AK (I am sure they would have if I whined loud enough) but I saw this as a great excuse to ride cross country. So, I requested a FLHXS….then surprise from HD I get a new 2017 CVO FLHXSSE! So I get to ride a brand new CVO Streetglide with HD for 3 days around the northeast then cross country!

 Have I mentioned, I LOVE MY JOB?!

Let me back track a little… I signed up for the Dealer Ride which is only 3 days. A good friend of mine is the dealer in Evansville, Indian so I begged and pleaded for her to join me when I saw her last winter in Phoenix. After dragging her feet and having to get a special exception from HD she snuck her way into the Dealer Ride. I then convinced her that she may as well ride all the way back to Indiana (The VERY scenic route) with me!

Fast forward to now… All the dealers met up this afternoon to go to our “debriefing” with HD about the ride. They are so prepared and well planned out! They have an awesome route for us to take from Boston to Stowe Mountain Lodge in Vermont then to Portland, Maine and then finally back to Boston. So we have 3 days of fun with other HD dealers and HD employees around the northeast. They were extremely well planned and executed, the dealership Boston HD actually got our first day map installed on our GPS for us!!!

We pick up our bikes tomorrow morning and will be riding through some beautiful country to Stowe, VT. We will be hitting some amazing county along the way and I will take photos and blog the trip so stay tuned!



Leaving Boston Harley-Davidson with Dawn

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