Full Day in Mexico

We decided on a place called “Rosie’s” for breakfast. The food was ok, very large portions and a pretty cool local vibe. We all ate so much we would definitely not be needing lunch. Tom and Anne showed up as we were finishing our breakfast so we waited for them to eat so we could all head out together.

Sandy road to the American legion

Sandy road to the American legion

We first went to the American Legion post, since the whole crew except me are Legion Riders. We hung out for a drink and chatted with the folks there. The road and the parking lot at the Legion are all sand…another fun place to ride and park, luckily we make it with not dropped bikes! Tom and Anne then led the way to our next destination. They took us to a really cool little outdoor market. Basically there was a long cement paved road with shops lining both sides with open fronts. They were packed full of cool locally made stuff, everything from pottery to inappropriate souvenirs. We all walked around for a while and chatted with some other bikers here for the rally.

photo 2

Just crossed the boarder and stop for a beer

I bought some small little bowls that I thought would be perfect for soy sauce when I have sushi…seems like an oxymoron buying Mexican dishes for sushi, but what can I say, I am multicultural! When we were on our way to the market we stopped at a little convenience store to pick up some beer, god forbid we go anywhere without cold beer readily available…While we were there I had to watch a sad local dog that had obviously had several litters of pups in her day as she paced around the bikes hoping for scraps. She was thin as a rail with all of her bones showing. This is pretty common in Mexico, and it breaks my heart. I thought of my special little Mister French and how treasured he is and just couldn’t imagine living where dogs are treated so badly. After we were done perusing the knock-off merchandise like fake Oakleys and Prada we headed back to our hotel. On our way to our hotel we decided to drive past the entrance and head to “The Hut” a grass roofed bar/restaurant almost next door to our hotel. We get a drink and check out the place. Jerry discusses how all of the bars change their name yearly and it is difficult to find anything! When we got back to the hotel I jumped on the opportunity to lay by the pool for a bit since we had been done early in the day. Carol and I laid on the beach for awhile. When she left I decided the pestering by the locals trying to sell my cheap jewelry was not worth the sea sounds so I headed to the pool.

Hotel, princessa

Hotel, princessa

Eventually it is getting close to dinner time, so I head to the room to freshen up for dinner. Tonight we ride to the “El Malecon” it is the “front” of the city if you will. It is a street that lines the coast and is filled with shops, bars, restaurants, and fresh seafood. It is also the main point for the Rocky Point Rally. The streets are already lined with motorcycles it seems like a pretty exciting place. Tom leads us to park in this brick area in front of a seafood restaurant right when we pull into the strip. Luckily this is where we are eating and Barry parks on the street in front of the parking lot in case we get blocked in, the front of the lot was already mostly lined with bikes. We enjoy a seafood dinner and then head out to check out the action on the Malecon. It is kinda like Sturgis, but much smaller and the majority of the riders are Hispanic motorcycle clubs. It is a lively place, with a lot of people, but everyone assures me this is NOTHING compared to Saturday and a few years ago. We check out the “BooBar” which has swings for guests to sit on at the bar and encourages women to flash from up in the bar (which is on the second level of a building looking down on the street) or from down below with beads being tossed each way. Unfortunately the only people flashing anything is an overweight woman literally mooning the crowds below. I was fortunate to be upstairs for that debauchery.

Crazy low! Custom bikes

Crazy low! Custom bikes

Between the rows of bike parked on both sides of the street there are people spraying water for those driving through to do burnouts. I find humor in the constant teasing that I need to show them how it’s done since I used to do real burnouts on my drag bike. I inform the group that a burnout on a bike that powerful is a lot easier because of how low it sits and how sticky the tires are! I was not willing to risk dumping my bike trying to show off! (I am sure if I was of the opposite sex, my testosterone would have overtaken my practicality and I would have done one…) The best part of it all was how bad everyone was at doing a real burnout. Most of them never shifted out of first gear so they spent the whole time pinging off the rev limiter. They all pretty much just made a lot of noise! From here we all headed back to Tom and Anne’s place for a night cap at Playa Bonita which is only a short ride to our place from there. After an hour or so, we head back and go to bed.

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3 Responses to Full Day in Mexico

  1. Anonymous says:

    Glad you are having a good time. I know you are enjoying being with your Dad. I hope you have many more and be Safe……. Do not Drink The Water….. JoAnn

  2. Darby Matteson says:

    Thanks for sharing. Love reading of your adventures. Love, Darby

  3. you didn/t mention my sling shot! Played with a black MS. French today at Jakes Corner AZ. she loved fetch! there is a movie about “Jakes Corner”

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