Saturday in Mexico

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Saturday is the big day for the Rocky Point Rally. There were parties all over, specifically at the Malecon and later on Cali 13 as well as a band at the hotel Playa Bonita. We had plenty of options to keep us busy for the day. The whole group met for breakfast at “Dukes” which is a bar with an area where motorcycles can ride into the building! It is pretty cool and on Friday night when we drove by I saw a few bikes in there doing burnouts. They had a great deal for the rally, a bloody mary or screw driver and an omelet and potatoes for only $8. So we all ate breakfast and planned our day. Mark and Jan still needed to register for the rally so we all headed out to the gas station that housed registration on the way into town. When we got there we were told registration had moved down to the Malecon. So, we all headed that way. It was a hot day and there were a lot of people mingling on the Malecon. We hung out for a while shopping and wandering around. Eventually we all got pretty tired of waiting for the registration crew to show up so we headed to the American Legion Post so Barry could register for their poker run. Unfortunately when we showed up to the Legion we were informed no one had registered for the run, so they cancelled it. We hung out for awhile out in their back lot. While I was sitting soaking up some sun a couple of us noticed an interesting scent floating on the air. With that, I started looking around and spied some smoke billowing from the other side of the wall surrounding their back lot. It was the unmistakable smell of weed, so I poked my head over the wall to squelch my curiosity. I got a glare from an old vet who was enjoying his toke, so I giggled and went back to my sun bathing. I guess everything is ok in Mexico.

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While we were all sitting around the Legion, Carol suggested we go check out Cholla Bay. Barry piped up and said it was a long dirt road and not worth it, but the majority wanted to go including me. So, We headed out from the Legion towards Cholla Bay. The main stretch of road heading out there was mostly hard packed sand, so it wasn’t too bad. We had to go a little slow simply to keep the dust down and for the occasional soft spot. As we got closer to Cholla Bay the road banked hard to the left and it was all really deep really loose sand! Immediately I tensed up as my bike began to slide all over the place. After winding through this small town we arrived at JJ’s Cantina. When we were trying to park on a small cement slab that used to be a gas station, I started to lose control and was heading straight for a slow dumping of my bike into some unknown Roadking! I barely saved it and was able to park unscathed. Jan and Mark told me it was a good save after I told Tom that “that road was bull shit!” WE headed into JJ’s Cantina where there were quite a few tourists and bikers hanging out. The back part of the bar was a large outdoor seating area that was basically a series of steps down toward the beach. We watched the shrimp boats and pelicans. Eventually my nerves were calmed down and I figured if I could make in to Cholla Bay I could make it back out. We had talked about going to “recked on the Reef another bar that is in between Cholla Bay and Rocky Point. However, myself, Barry and Juan all were ready to go relax at the hotel. So some of the group went to the bar and the rest of us went to the hotel. From what I heard later, I wish I would have checked out Wrecked on the Reef, it sounded like a cool spot. I laid by the pool for awhile and read my book. We decided to go to Playa Bonita for dinner and possibly catch part of their band that was playing for the rally. Dinner was good, but the band wasn’t starting till later. After dinner we regrouped at Tom and Anne’s camper. From here the group went down to The Malecon, Cali 13 and I believe back to Wrecked on the Reef. I was pretty tired so Barry and I decided to head back to the hotel and relax for the evening.


Sunday and Monday


Sunday was deemed as “girls choice” so we pretty much just hung out by the pool, beach etc and didn’t’ do much riding all day. Barry and the guys went on a short ride, I can’t even remember where. I laid by the pool for most of the day drinking margaritas and reading! We went to a little restaurant next door at another hotel for dinner. Our waitress was very friendly and did a great job, even though we got some of our food orders mixed up. We all enjoyed our last dinner in Mexico and headed back to our hotels or on to other things with plans to meet in the morning for our ride home.


The next morning we all were up and ready to go pretty early. We go the bikes loaded and headed to the Malecon one last time so Jerry and Carol and Mark and Jan could pick up some fresh shrimp. It was a pretty interesting set up with an open air market with several seafood sales businesses right next door to each other. They all were touting their superior shrimp, but with the view of all the shrimp boats in the same area, we all knew it was all the same. We ventured upstairs to a bar/restaurant while they cleaned the shrimp and Carol and I watched all of the pelicans and gulls that were covering the rocks below. As we walked back to our bikes we discovered Tom, Anne, Juan, Mark and Jan had all sat down for breakfast, so we joined them. After breakfast we were on our way. I led part of the way back through Mexico to the boarder. We didn’t have any issues getting back into America, and I was happy I had my passport! We headed back towards Green Valley with our obligatory stops along the way for “refreshments.” I was glad to stop, it seemed even hotter today than it had been and short reprieves in air conditioned places were nice. Our final group dinner was at a small hole in the wall bar/restaurant that for the life of me I can’t recall the name of. We talked about the rally and the plans for next year then it was over and we were on our separate ways home. The following morning Barry and I washed our bikes and got mine ready for its storage period until next time I can make it down. A huge thanks to Jerry and Carol for sharing your home with me and my bike! It was great to meet the whole crew and I hope to make it down there again for the next Rocky Point Rally! To all my friends, If you want to join us, let me know and we will keep you posted J

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