No this is not the heading to my personal ad…this is exactly what today was filled with. Over 200 miles of nothing but twisty, curvy roads! We decided to sleep in a little after our late ride and dinner last night. We went in search of coffee and found it was a sit down dining room so we decided we may as well order some food. I am guessing my tattoos and tank top were not customary in these parts as they were pretty quick to get us served and not very friendly. I would have put on a sweatshirt if I new we were getting more than coffee lol. We didn’t get on the road till about 10:30am. Of course it was HOT out, but I can’t complain, I would rather it be hot than raining or cold!


Our cute B&B



Cute little shop in our B&B


Tell Robin I had to use all my strength to not eat the pumpkin cookies


We decided we would head south through the Monongahela National Forest on 219 all the way until we reached 39 to head East into Virginia. Of course my GPS had another plan, so leaving the B&B this morning we went on a really cool rural route through some farm country on 495 with was a direct shot south and eventually met up with the 219 anyway! I am literally working from two different print maps and the map on my phone when we plan our routes, it is pretty funny. Our GPS route was scenic, curvy and took us by a beautiful lake, through some hills and farms and by Deep Creek State Park. Eventually we met up with 219, and at first I was thrilled to be in the trees and in some pretty intense curves, then we would level out and it would be hot and in a valley, but soon we would be back in the mountains. It was awesome!



219 scenery

Some of the corners were 100% blind and you just had to hope there wasn’t something on the other side of the curve. I enjoy the challenge and adrenaline from riding really twisty roads, but it can be enjoyed at a slower pace as well. Occasionally we got behind a big truck so that would slow us down. We enjoyed the 219 all the way until Marlintown, which is where we decided we would stop for some food. As we pulled into town there was a little restaurant with a deck over on the back that overlooked the river! We parked down the road so we could avoid the gravel parking spaces and headed up. We were entertained by the ducks playing in the water and enjoyed a nice light lunch. Then back on the road.


Lunch with the ducks


No gravel


219 curvy road

From here we took 39 which cuts a little more east. We had decided that we would go check out the “Natural Bridge” in Virginia. Much to my delight this road was just as curvy as what we had earlier and in some spots even more so! IT WAS AWESOME!! These bikes handle so incredibly well and really have a smooth power transition, as I shifted into lower gears and then accelerated through the turns. It was exhilarating! Pretty much anywhere there was a valley it was set up with farms and little houses then we would be back in the woods. It is still shocking to me how much forest is over here on the east side of the US. I saw a lot in South Carolina, but I didn’t realize they still had some much natural space filled with hills, forests and plains. It really puts in check the preconceived notion that the east coast is all one big city. I have enjoyed how many small towns have American flags lining the streets and reminders to honor those who are serving and who have served our country.



Trying to get us in with the giant windmill!

As we headed toward the “Natural Bridge” I could see a huge thunderstorm to our east. I was getting pretty nervous, we had hit some small patches of rain while we were going through the mountains but nothing too serious. These storms looked pretty big. Each turn that would take me a little more west I would whisper a prayer that we would pass the storm. To back track a little, when we were on 39 still we went through Goshen pass which was an amazing part of this route where we were following a river on a twisty road with some areas that were canyons above the river and other spots that were level with the river. We ended up stopping twice which took about 10 minutes total to take some photos and walk down toward the river. So now, back looking for the Natural Bridge, we are really, I mean really close to this big thunderstorm. As we start getting closer to the area of the bridge the roads start getting wet and you can see the steam rising as it starts to evaporate off the road with the sun beating down on it. The further we got the closer I realized we were to the storm. Had we been 10 minutes earlier we would have been in that storm. The sad news is that the Natural Bridge was closed and we missed it on the way in, so on the way out Dawn saw the entrance to the now “amusement” like park of this natural wonder. Oh well, you can google to see a picture of the Natural Bridge in Virginia.


Goshen Pass



Elkins quick stop for gas but a cool statue and church across the street

We decided to head back toward the interstate and find a spot to stop to find a hotel since we didn’t have cell service by the bridge. We pulled into a gas station and started our quest for shelter for the night. I was hoping for a hotel with a bar/restaurant so we wouldn’t have to leave again. After several minutes of looking we decided we would go past Roanoke to Christiansburg to stay for the night. May as well try to avoid any morning rush hour traffic. When we checked into the hotel we unloaded the bikes and headed to the room. As we walked in I noticed a suitcase half unpacked on one of the beds!!! OMG They put us in someone’s room! Luckily there wasn’t someone half undressed in there! We got a new room and got our stuff settled. We then ran up the road to a Japanese Steak House and sat at the Sushi bar. We had a good dinner then swung by a store to pick up some Virginia Cabernet.


Sushi dinner

As I was writing this blog I heard something outside my window…A HUGE THUNDERSTORM!!! For those of you who don’t live in Anchorage, you won’t understand my fascination! We never get these especially the big kind where it is pouring rain and there is lightning and thunder everywhere! I tried to go listen to it outside but, as soon as I opened the door I was greeted by about 6 men who are working in the area…let’s just say in my tank and pj’s I felt a little uncomfortable so I went back to the room to listen through the locked window!


Orange is our route

Such an awesome day, I can’t imagine doing this ride on any other motorcycle than a Harley! I love my new CVO it runs so smooth! Might have to sell my 2015 after all…tomorrow Kentucky!!!

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1 Response to Danger! – MUST LOVE CURVES!!!

  1. Meggie says:

    Thunder and lightening and heavy rain freaked me out my first 2 years in Florida. Now I don’t even realize there’s a hurricane till did texts to ask if we’re ok 😂

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