Tulsa, OK to Amarillo, TX

I got to spend the evening with my sister Bonita James and her Oklahoma family and friends. We had a great dinner at her house which she thankfully picked me up for. When I arrived I was hot from the drive from Tyler. It was a hot day and I was ready to shower! After I had gotten showered and settled, I had some time until Bonnie was down with work so I thought I would walk to a restaurant near by…well that was a mile away and I was sweating by the time I made it there!


Sisters ❤️


The family

Bonnie was quick to get from work to pick me up and we had a great time socializing and eating their yummy food they made for dinner. I got my dog fix hanging out with her 2 lovable dogs and their asshole Tico who pretends to like you until you pet him! I was happy to get some time with my sister and we ended up chatting in the living room getting caught up until we realized she should probably take me home so we could both make our date for breakfast. We met up at this cute little cafe called the Blue Moon where they cater to dogs and people! Breakfast was delish and then it was time to say “goodbye.”


Augzilla as they call her licking me to death


Bonitas little buddy Auggy begging for treats

I headed out of Tulsa expecting to ride from Tulsa, south on 75 to 40. When I stopped to get gas my GPS decided it had found a better route for me. So it made me back track a couple miles to head west on a highway that ended up being pretty and calm. There was hardly any traffic, and I saw a road runner! He looked just like the cartoon! 🙂

As I was heading west I realized this route was going to take me to through Oklahoma City. Thankfully traffic wasn’t too bad and I didn’t have to deal with any issues. I stopped a couple times for gas today, but I primarily stuck to the route which once it got me on I-40 was pretty straight. I was so appreciative to enjoy my time with my sister I wasn’t too worried about seeing cool sites.

I made it into Amarillo and my first stop was the HD Dealership since I was so early in the day. They didn’t have much going on so I wandered back out. I drove around Amarillo for about 30 minutes to see if I could find a hotel that I wanted to stay at. There were a bunch of options off the freeway but I was looking for something with a restaurant attached or nearby. I found a Holiday Inn Express that had several options within walking distance. After I got settled in the room I checked in with Barry and found that him, Jim and Robin will be in Santa Fe tomorrow. So I am heading there to meet up with them. Gotta love having an open agenda!!

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