Rogue Riders 2018 Day 5

Bell 2, BC to Smithers, BC 223 miles

As promised…I have to fill you in on the rest of last night before I start on today. After I finished the blog, I hobbled upstairs, threw on my shorts and a sports bra and then joined some of our Rogue Rider’s in the hot tub! It was so much fun, and I am so glad we were all stuck at Bell 2 with no cell service. We had a blast getting to know each other in our hot tub comradery. I got to show off my still oh so present bruises from Spenard Bike Week on my glow in the dark white legs as well as my tons of tattoos that no one sees. Nothing like getting half naked with all your customers and friends! I bough a bottle of wine at dinner so I had that while I was in the hot tub chilled on ice. It was great. We were in there almost 3 hours, which felt great on all of our achy muscles and my knee.

When we got to the room Sarah and I got the blog uploaded and I got on Facebook for a minute and saw that my dear friend Matthew Tolbert was in a motorcycle accident in Fairbanks. I was able to check in with him on FB messenger and made sure he was ok. He is still in the hospital, so say some prayers but he should be able to make a full recovery.

I slept so good, unfortunately Sarah had crazy dinosaur apocalypse dreams and did not sleep as well. I woke up around 7am and couldn’t sleep anymore so I jumped in the shower and started to get my day started. I saw that Jim and Barry were up, because I could see into their cabin from ours. I gimped out and checked with Jim while he was loading his bike to see what time we were heading out and he informed me that we were getting breakfast at 8:30am and then hitting the road after that. Last night we had planned on a little later start since it was a short day but Barry wanted to get his bike in for service at Smither’s HD so we didn’t want to be too late. We gathered in the “restaurant” at the lodge and got buffet breakfast. After I made a plate, I decided I would grab Sarah and I some espresso…it’s hard to find proper coffee in these rural spots. Well that took a fuckin hour so I cam back and Sarah was done eating and my food was cold but the coffee was decent so whatever.

While I was eating my cold breakfast, I sent Sarah on a mission to tag the Motoquest truck with one of my House of Harley stickers I brought to tag shit along the way. I finished my breakfast and headed back to the cabin to pack my bike. Sarah was there and still had not tagged the truck. I took the sticker and started to walk over when I saw the large British guy that was driving the truck come from around the back. Shit! So, I scoped him and the truck out for a minute and decided I should just ask…So I walked up to him and asked if I could tag his truck. He laughed and said “sure, that should get a rise out of Kevin!” Perfect!!!  He put a House of Harley sticker on the top metal rack that I couldn’t reach next to all the other stickers. That is for you Robin and Kevin at Motoquest, love you guys!

Sarah and Jim had their bikes all loaded and I still had to put my riding pants on so they headed to meet Barry by the gas pumps. I finally caught up to them over there and Barry was making friends with some travelers while we filled up with gas. We had a short ride, so I told Jim to lead since we didn’t need to haul ass and he keeps it in the speed limit. About 5 minutes from the hotel, I saw a little black bear on the side of the road. I don’t think Jim saw it at first, but I slowed way down to see him. He was the cutest fucking little black bear on the planet. If I was not riding my motorcycle I would have snuggled him. Well, not really but he was perfect and cute. He ran off into the woods when I got right next to him, but we held eye contact until that point.

The road was beautiful again today. It was hot, and sunny and the road was smooth and full of great curves and hills. I seriously am in love with the Cassiar. I might have to make a trip every year. When we got to the end of 37 (Cassiar) and got gas at the intersection of 16 and 37 we stopped for a bit. I ran into a couple of Alaskan’s on their way back from a North America trip that had started in June! They knew who Barry and I were and we chatted for a bit. One of the guys had a daughter, Courtney that I went to Highschool with! Small, small world!

I promised Sarah that I would include this so here it is…I have a serious problem keeping track of my hair ties. I have to have 3 hair ties to keep my mane under control while riding and almost every time I stop I somehow misplace these 3 hair ties. I literally stop, stuff them in some pocket so my hair is down for photos and then BAM they are gone! This is the only part of my life that is a shit show. So there it is. My only flaw…

Just kidding, if you know me you know I have a shit ton of flaws…but hey I’m human, believe it or not.

Anyhow, the ride to Smithers was short from that stop and we rolled right into Smithers H-D which is on the north side of town. We rolled in around 3pm so we headed over to the hotel and were greeted by the one and only Patti Bogan! We got our shit unloaded and shared some stories with Patti and chilled for a minute. Sarah and I decided to go on an adventure, or find some adventure in Smithers. We rode around for a bit and found a great spot at the end of the road to get a photo on Sarah’s polaroid. We headed back to town, got a photo with the Smithers sign and headed to the local museum.

It was so refreshing to see a museum that was still 100% honest of their history. Some of the highlights…Smithers is the founding place of egg cartons, the railroad was a big part of the history here and apparently they have a long history of racism. Yep. A whole section of the museum was dedicated to their struggles with racism. Although slightly shocking, it was refreshing to have a real story from their history and their story of bettering their community. Good job Smithers.

After the museum we headed through “Main Street” and checked out the cool trendy shops and saw a cool brewery but headed back to the dealership. When we got there dinner was about to be ready so we chatted up the group and everyone got fed some great food thanks to Steve and the crew there. They were so hospitable and great. If you are ever in the area, you have to visit Smithers. They are welcome in my shop and my home anytime. We had a great time and Patti blessed me with my traditional 3 bottles of wine for my Bday and Dewey got Pattie a book about Gloria, her idol signed by her. Dewey also got Barry a patch from a few years back when Barry told Dewey about how he “used to be a celebrity, but now he is just ‘Dia’s Dad.’” That made my day, and hopefully his too.

After riding around without the full knee brace and in tennis shoes, I decided I shouldn’t be standing too much. I made a couple phone calls and hung at the shop but eventually was running out of steam. Jim didn’t have a bell on his bike, so I got him a bell from Smithers and chatted with Steve and his son Ross for a bit. Sarah and I “Irish gooddbyed” everyone and headed over to the hotel bar. I immediately connected with our waitress Shola, she is a bad ass and had stem cell treatment for her knee. We are kindred spirits. She also makes jewelry so I bought a necklace off of her and she has some of her stuff in her mom’s shop in town that also has coffee so Sarah and I are going in the morning. I bought the few Rogue Rider’s who stopped in the bar drinks and bought Shola a drink. I am going to join her for the drink, so I will sign off for today…

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