Tulsa, OK to Amarillo, TX

I got to spend the evening with my sister Bonita James and her Oklahoma family and friends. We had a great dinner at her house which she thankfully picked me up for. When I arrived I was hot from the drive from Tyler. It was a hot day and I was ready to shower! After I had gotten showered and settled, I had some time until Bonnie was down with work so I thought I would walk to a restaurant near by…well that was a mile away and I was sweating by the time I made it there!


Sisters ❤️


The family

Bonnie was quick to get from work to pick me up and we had a great time socializing and eating their yummy food they made for dinner. I got my dog fix hanging out with her 2 lovable dogs and their asshole Tico who pretends to like you until you pet him! I was happy to get some time with my sister and we ended up chatting in the living room getting caught up until we realized she should probably take me home so we could both make our date for breakfast. We met up at this cute little cafe called the Blue Moon where they cater to dogs and people! Breakfast was delish and then it was time to say “goodbye.”


Augzilla as they call her licking me to death


Bonitas little buddy Auggy begging for treats

I headed out of Tulsa expecting to ride from Tulsa, south on 75 to 40. When I stopped to get gas my GPS decided it had found a better route for me. So it made me back track a couple miles to head west on a highway that ended up being pretty and calm. There was hardly any traffic, and I saw a road runner! He looked just like the cartoon! 🙂

As I was heading west I realized this route was going to take me to through Oklahoma City. Thankfully traffic wasn’t too bad and I didn’t have to deal with any issues. I stopped a couple times for gas today, but I primarily stuck to the route which once it got me on I-40 was pretty straight. I was so appreciative to enjoy my time with my sister I wasn’t too worried about seeing cool sites.

I made it into Amarillo and my first stop was the HD Dealership since I was so early in the day. They didn’t have much going on so I wandered back out. I drove around Amarillo for about 30 minutes to see if I could find a hotel that I wanted to stay at. There were a bunch of options off the freeway but I was looking for something with a restaurant attached or nearby. I found a Holiday Inn Express that had several options within walking distance. After I got settled in the room I checked in with Barry and found that him, Jim and Robin will be in Santa Fe tomorrow. So I am heading there to meet up with them. Gotta love having an open agenda!!

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Tyler, TX to Tulsa, OK

Yesterday, I took a day off from the road with my friend Chelsey. We got up and got ready for the day. We wanted to get massages first then maybe check out a winery. We called every singe massage spa in town and not a single one had openings! I guess that is what everyone wanted to do on Labor Day! So we headed to Panera to grab some breakfast and make a plan. We were moving from the hotel to her vacation time share so we decided we would look for a winery, move the bike and our stuff over to the time share and then head to a winery for lunch. We looked for a good 15 minutes and finally found one in Athens that was open on Labor Day.

We were able to check in and get our stuff settled in the room and did a quick driving tour of the facility then we headed to Tara Winery. As we pulled into the driveway, we saw the beautiful colonial style home in front and then in the background the restaurant and tasting room. We each got a 5 wine flight which ended up being 9 different wines and a taste of their new beer from the brewery they just opened. We got some food and everything was amazing. We sat outside despite the heat for the view and enjoying watching the farm dogs wandering around.


The front view of the estate at Tara Winery

After the winery we headed back to town and found a place to get pedicures. It was a nice way to relax and as close as we could get to a massage. The guy who worked there gave us wine, which was probably not really legal, but I wasn’t gonna complain! He worked on my feet and the whole time was filled with funny comments and failed attempts to convince me to “date an Asian man”! We had a good laugh and I had to tell him I was leaving town and he was sad to say that he would “never get to see me again.” From there we grabbed some food and made dinner at the resort and played a couple rounds of Battleship, which of course Chelsey kicked my ass.

The rest day went too fast, but we were up early making breakfast and getting on the road. I was heading out toward Tulsa at 8am. Within the first 20 minutes I came up on a bad wreck, that was still being dealt with by the fire department and police. The car looked like it had been a single vehicle accident and had bounced off the guardrail and possibly rolled. Just past the car, there was a GIANT wild hog that was probably the cause of the accident. The guy at the winery was talking about the wild boars and how destructive they are. This thing was big brown and hairy with tusks!

Since it was a pretty straight shot to Tulsa, I figured I would just trust my GPS to get me there. When I put it in my phone it took me through Paris, TX basically just straight north from Tyler. Unfortunately my GPS was not on my side today. I came upon a construction area and the guy standing there said it would be a little bit of a wait. So, I shut down the bike and we chatted for about 5 minutes about my trip and the hot weather. Eventually the pilot car came through which is generally an indication that it could be some rougher construction…

I was in the front of the line which is always good as a biker, because it is actually harder to go slow and be behind a car that is changing speeds. At first it was just some rough dirt road and then it got worse and worse. It started to be filled with big rocks that were literally causing my tires to to turn and jolt. We had to stop as a large end dump truck dumped a bunch of gravel to the right. That is when it got really hairy. We then went up on a little bit of a build up which was deeper dirt and big rocks. It was probably some of the roughest terrain I have ridden on, including on the Alcan. The worst part, is the pilot car started to go about 5 miles per hour and was making it really difficult for me to handle the bike. I literally started yelling “GO! GO! GO! DON’T MAKE ME F&*(#%@^% STOP!!!” I was in a pretty panicked state and thought I might drop the bike, but thankfully her windows were rolled down and she immediately started to go faster. After that I pulled into the next gas station I saw. I will admit, I was shaking, it was pretty challenging. I filled up and hit the road. The first 2 hours of the ride were pretty cool with some cloud cover remaining from the storm that had rolled through last night.


Whole lot of nothing

As you might imagine, there is not much between Texas and Oklahoma. Lots of farms, trees and fields. It started to get really hot as the day went on, but I only had about a 350 mile ride total so I made it into my hotel around 3pm. Today, the folks I met at gas stations and at stops were all very friendly and talkative, nice warm hospitality and a lot of curiosity about Alaska. I pretty much just hauled ass to Tulsa to get out of the heat!


Hot and lonely out here


Long straight roads to OK

I rode all the way up here to see my sister Bonita who lives in Tulsa. She will be picking me up later tonight so I can have dinner at their house and enjoy some time with her since we don’t get nearly enough.

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Conway, AR to Tyler, TX

I was determined to a little better on my route planning today, so I got up early and reviewed the maps for about 5 minutes and figured my chicken scratch route would be close enough and would be a little more scenic! Since the escapade to a hotel last night took me a little off my course I had to do a little back tracking. I had planned to stay on 9 from Clinton to Hot Springs, but Conway was down 65 from Clinton so I was at the juncture of I-40 and 65. I decided to jump on the interstate to get back to 9 which was about 20 miles west.


Gotta love curves!!

9 continued to be beautiful, and I was riding through Ouachita National Forest. It was a nice twisty ride and the morning was nice and cool. There was hardly anyone on the road, but occasionally I would see a few bikes and a few cars. You always know you are on a good road when you see bikers. When I got to the road that leads to Hot Springs, I got a little confused and followed a sign to Hot Springs Village. It was about 10 miles to this area that looked like a little town, I followed traffic and found that in fact it was some business that surrounded a giant gated community! Oops, so I had to back track 10 miles to get back to the correct road to get to Hot Springs.


Switchbacks leading up the mountain in hot springs


Love those curves

The road lead right into downtown, which was right next to the park, I guess you don’t call it Hot Springs if you are not near the actual springs. I saw the sign for the National Park and turned down the side road that ran parallel to it to find a parking spot. Of course, it is a holiday weekend and the place was packed. I got to the end of the road and saw a sign that said “scenic drive” for the park. I turned up the road and was very pleased to find 3.2 miles of switchback turns and some awesome views! The park is on a little “mountain” and you can hike all over it, or in my case drive a cool road to the top so you can get the cool pictures without hiking 🙂 I parked at a picnic area, and was not too impressed with the view so I kept heading up the mountain. Then I go to the actual lookout so I parked my bike on the side of the road and ran over to get a photo. There was also an Observation Tower that you could go climb up in and see 360* but it was pretty crowded so I stuck with the natural view. While I was up there I kept looking for where the springs were but didn’t see any signs or steam so I kept following the road up and then back down. I cam back out at the dead end and headed back towards the main drive, and I saw that the area in the front of the park had the spring in it and a good sign so I could get a photo of where I was.


View from the top



The observation tower

The water was really hot and it was a small spring, but from what I gathered there are 47 springs total and they feed thermally heated water to “bath house row” locations. While doing a little research I found out that Hot Springs is the oldest National Park, established 40 years before Yellowstone! It was a cool town, and I would definitely go back some day when I can stay a little longer.


Hot spring



I had gotten such and early start and had plenty of time, so I decided to take a longer more scenic route to Tyler, TX. I got onto 7 and headed south. This was all forested land and again there was hardly anyone else on the road. When I drove through one of the towns, I saw about 4 police vehicles in a gas station parking lot with about 50 bikes. I had two thoughts…charity ride or motorcycle club shoot out. Fortunately it was the first thought. As I was approaching a traffic signal, I heard then saw a cop coming up from behind me. I drove toward the sidewalk and got out of the way, but he went around the other lane into the oncoming lane and then whipped around and blocked all the traffic in the intersection. So I got a front row seat to all the bikers who were on this ride getting a police escort! I didn’t have my phone to grab some video or a picture, but it was pretty cool. There were some Combat Vets and it looked like some other type of veteran organization, so likely a ride for them. Always fun and cool to see stuff like that.


Way down south

I made it to Louisiana without much excitement except almost having a bird hit me in the head…luckily I ducked and he got enough lift that we missed each other. I came into Louisiana at Junction City, which despite its name is not a city. I was near the Kisatachee National Forest, and saw some deer. The road was pretty straight and pretty unexciting. I intersected with I-20 and hopped on to haul ass over to TX. At this point the sun was baking my face, so back on went the bandana and I just headed to Tyler. My back has been pretty kinked up the last two days, I guess that is what I get for taking a day off in Indiana! So, I am staying in Tyler an extra day to hang out with my friend Chelsey. She and I met in college and we became fast friends. She eventually bought a bike and went out for the Ms. HD AK contest. She and her finance moved to Texas 3 years ago. I am thankful I get to spend some time with her. Then off to visit my sister Bonita in Oklahoma.


Long straight roads in Louisiana

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Evansville, IN to Conway, AR

Today was a day that I humbly will admit I failed at. I woke up early this morning and planned my route. I thought that since I was in Indiana I would head west then south and I found some good roads, so I thought, to get me there. Before I get into my ride I want to talk a little about my time in Evansville. Bud’s HD was fabulous. I hung out all day at the dealership and mingled with the staff as well as worked from a computer Dawn set me up with. They did a check over of my bike to make sure I was rode ready, and when I went back to settle up, they said they only take “beer” as payment. So I grabbed Dawn’s jeep and picked them up a few beet options. They got my security system set up since it hadn’t be done originally, and had my bike washed and checked out completely. They are exactly what you expect from a home town dealership. It was funny how well I fit in. As I would walk through the showroom people would ask me questions like I worked there! I of course was happy to help and I even sold a pair of boots 🙂

When we rolled into Evansville to bike night there were already a lot of people who had been following us on Facebook, so I made some new friends and enjoyed my two days in Evansville. Last night we went to the hip part of town that is a newly renovated district with a lot of bars and restaurants. We had a good time dancing and enjoying the scene.



Last night with Dawn Morand, the other DM
Morning came early for me, but I resisted and slept in a bit. By the time we got to the dealership it was 9am and by the time I finished drinking my coffee and chatting with everyone it was almost 11. I got the bike loaded up and headed out with my GPS on, but a mental note of where I needed to go…or so I thought. I had talked with Dawn before I left and was supposed to get to 41 but my GPS took me on 62, which was more of a highway. But I gotta give my GPS props because if it wasn’t for my GPS I wouldn’t have found my first stop.


Route planning…apparently I didn’t do so hot this time

I was trying to get to Elizabethtown from Shawneentown, but the GPS took me to a dirt road that looked more like a private drive than 146 the road I was looking for. But I was intrigued by the signs for Old Shawneentown, so I headed further the wrong way to see what was there. I rode through the old town until I came to a turn and found 5 bikers sitting there. I pulled up and asked them how to get to 146 and one of they guys stepped up and gave me directions. I turned my bike around and realized that one of the signs I had seen on the way in was the historic landmark sign for the Bank in Shawneetown that was built around 1839. So I got a picture real quick and chatted with the bikers about my trip. Then I was off following the directions that they graciously gave me.


The oldest town in Illinois and the bank that is the historical landmark


I made it through Illinois which was partially through the Shawnee National Forest and over the Mississippi River to Cape Girardeau, Missouri. This whole first part took way longer than I expected so I was already feeling the pressure to make it further west and south. I stopped at a gas station and trapped some granola bars and kept heading in the direction I had originally planned.

Let’s just say Missouri lived up to it’s name. I took 60 over to 160 which was highlighted yellow in the HOG book which means it is a good ride…however it took me over 300 miles to get to the scenic part and all I saw prior to the Mark Twain National Forest was a bunch of dead armadillos and foxes. It was a long hot ride until I got to the forest, then there was some nice twisties which made it a little better. Unfortunately as I was “hangry” and couldn’t find a place to grab some food besides granola bars.


Misery I mean Missouri

I learned some good lessons today in my whole “wing it strategy.” Originally when I was making my plans for this ride I thought that I would go through the Arkansas on 9 to Clinton. I looked up hotels online and saw there was a Best Western there. So, as the day grew long and I was close to 500 miles I was anxious to get to Clinton. I was riding through the Ozark National Forest to the west of the Buffalo River. It was very pretty and had some great curves which made up a little more for the first half of the day. As I was riding through all the hills and twists and turns a I saw a Best Western in Mountain View, but was headed to Clinton so I kept on going.


I felt a little like I was starting to race the sunset. I still hadn’t eaten anything beside a couple granola bars so I was so very ready to get settled for the night. I kept on pushing to Clinton, and when I arrived just as the sun was setting I was stoked to see the Best Western sign. I followed the directions and realized it lead me to a driveway with a locked gate. I drove further down the road till I found a drive I could stop in. I looked up the Best Western again, which showed up in my search, and called the number. Surprise…it’s closed! So I check on the GPS for what other hotels are in town I literally drove around for 20 minutes realizing the GPS and the actual hotels were not accurate. So I stopped at the only one that was correct which was Super 8.


Racing that sunset

On my way to the hotel I noticed a restaurant that I thought might be my dinner location for the evening. The sign outside said “Welcome Chuck Wagon Racers.” I assumed this was some TV sport people watched. When I went into the Super 8 I asked for a room, she look a little surprise as was I when she said she was completely booked! I will admit at this point I was tired, hungry and had a pit in my stomach fear about what I was going to do next! She said south of Clinton there was Conway which had some hotels that probably were not booked like she was from the races…I of course had to know what Chuck Wagon Races are….apparently it is pretty legit and people take it very seriously.


Almost to Clinton and losing my sun



Chuck wagon races are a real thing, I stole this off the internet

At this point it is dark and I am now tired, hungry, pissed and scared of hitting a dear in the dark roads. So I head out on the dark rural road that is thankfully 4 lanes, without any streetlights.

Thankfully I didn’t see or hit any animals. The 30 minutes seemed like an eternity. As I saw the lights of Conway I was relieved. I pulled up to the Quality Inn and went to check in. I asked the clerk if there was anywhere I could get some late dinner, he mentioned a couple spots but also mentioned the new fish place in town. So, after I dropped my stuff I ran up the road to the Shucked Surf and Turf. I was so relieved to find some food I could eat and some great staff that were willing to hang out and chat with me. After 540 miles alone with just myself and the road you kinda want to talk to someone!

So, for the rest of my trip I will be calling ahead as I head in and will find out if the hotel is still open and/or if there is room! I will also be making time to eat some food along the way! Tomorrow I am going to find something cool to check out in Arkansas then to Tyler Texas to meet my friend Chelsey!

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Virginia to Indiana

Tonight’s blog will be a bit shorter, as I am exhausted and ready for some sleep! Someone set the alarm in our room for 5:15am this morning so Dawn and I were rudely awakened by the hotel room clock, so we dozed until about 7:30. It was still a little hazy and wet outside, but looked like it was clearing up. We ate some free breakfast and hit the road.


Tonight was the Bud’s Harley-Davidson Bike Night, so we decided to ride a little harder today and take a little more interstate and highway so we could make it from Virginia just south West of Roanoke to Evansville, Indiana. So we hoped on 81 and headed South West. The freeway took us into Tennessee and then we got on 11W into Kentucky. While we were in Tennessee, we kept getting closer and closer to what looked like a storm, but I thought surely we would miss it like we did yesterday…wrong.

When we got into it, it was raining so hard I was soaked within 2 minutes. After about 5 minutes I pulled over so we could put more gear on and I could cover my bag with the he rain fly. We were already pretty wet but we added more layers, I put my coat on and borrowed a pair of Dawn’s gloves. We had to ride in it for a little while, basically through a mountain pass, not very long then we were out of it. I literally did not have dry pants until after walking around Evansville tonight for an hour!

There were parts of the highways and freeways that were scenic but mostly we were just hauling ass to make it across 4 states and about 540 miles to be in time for bike night. We stopped right next to the Corvette Museum to get gas and grab a snack. When we pulled into the gas station there were 4 Corvettes there at the same time. I guess they all go there like a trip to Mecca or something. I guess I can’t judge, we all go to Milwaukee for the HD anniversaries and the museum!

So I have discovered that my steel nerves I developed while attending college in South Carolina are gone…I am terrified of bugs. As I was moving my bike out of the parking spot there was this giant flying thing that looked like a mutant bumble bee and June bug or it was possibly the spawn of Satan buzzing around my right lower fairing, probably eating the corpses of the bugs off of it. I tried to ride forward but it was pacing with me…so I stopped, put it in neutral then screamed. I put my sleeve over my hand and whacked it like a tennis ball. It was literally the size of a walnut, had a yellow head area and a big black body. It’s making me itch just typing about it.

So we jumped back on the interstate and headed up to Evansville. Dawn jumped into the lead after Owensboro and we rode right into their bike night and had VIP parking waiting for us! Their Bike Night takes over a street that has a few bars, restaurants and food vendors on it. It was pretty cool, over 400 bikes and everyone having a good time. Bud’s put on a good show with some good prizes and grand prize drawing at the end. Everyone was really friendly and excited to hear about our trip that they had been following on Facebook and of course by reading my blog 😉 We hung out there till it was all wrapped up then rode our Twinsie CVO’s to Dawn’s parents’ house, which is beautiful! So here I am in my own room writing my blog and getting ready to get some shut eye! Tomorrow I am staying in Evansville to work with Dawn and her crew so I will not be blogging again until after my ride Saturday!


Bike night


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No this is not the heading to my personal ad…this is exactly what today was filled with. Over 200 miles of nothing but twisty, curvy roads! We decided to sleep in a little after our late ride and dinner last night. We went in search of coffee and found it was a sit down dining room so we decided we may as well order some food. I am guessing my tattoos and tank top were not customary in these parts as they were pretty quick to get us served and not very friendly. I would have put on a sweatshirt if I new we were getting more than coffee lol. We didn’t get on the road till about 10:30am. Of course it was HOT out, but I can’t complain, I would rather it be hot than raining or cold!


Our cute B&B



Cute little shop in our B&B


Tell Robin I had to use all my strength to not eat the pumpkin cookies


We decided we would head south through the Monongahela National Forest on 219 all the way until we reached 39 to head East into Virginia. Of course my GPS had another plan, so leaving the B&B this morning we went on a really cool rural route through some farm country on 495 with was a direct shot south and eventually met up with the 219 anyway! I am literally working from two different print maps and the map on my phone when we plan our routes, it is pretty funny. Our GPS route was scenic, curvy and took us by a beautiful lake, through some hills and farms and by Deep Creek State Park. Eventually we met up with 219, and at first I was thrilled to be in the trees and in some pretty intense curves, then we would level out and it would be hot and in a valley, but soon we would be back in the mountains. It was awesome!



219 scenery

Some of the corners were 100% blind and you just had to hope there wasn’t something on the other side of the curve. I enjoy the challenge and adrenaline from riding really twisty roads, but it can be enjoyed at a slower pace as well. Occasionally we got behind a big truck so that would slow us down. We enjoyed the 219 all the way until Marlintown, which is where we decided we would stop for some food. As we pulled into town there was a little restaurant with a deck over on the back that overlooked the river! We parked down the road so we could avoid the gravel parking spaces and headed up. We were entertained by the ducks playing in the water and enjoyed a nice light lunch. Then back on the road.


Lunch with the ducks


No gravel


219 curvy road

From here we took 39 which cuts a little more east. We had decided that we would go check out the “Natural Bridge” in Virginia. Much to my delight this road was just as curvy as what we had earlier and in some spots even more so! IT WAS AWESOME!! These bikes handle so incredibly well and really have a smooth power transition, as I shifted into lower gears and then accelerated through the turns. It was exhilarating! Pretty much anywhere there was a valley it was set up with farms and little houses then we would be back in the woods. It is still shocking to me how much forest is over here on the east side of the US. I saw a lot in South Carolina, but I didn’t realize they still had some much natural space filled with hills, forests and plains. It really puts in check the preconceived notion that the east coast is all one big city. I have enjoyed how many small towns have American flags lining the streets and reminders to honor those who are serving and who have served our country.



Trying to get us in with the giant windmill!

As we headed toward the “Natural Bridge” I could see a huge thunderstorm to our east. I was getting pretty nervous, we had hit some small patches of rain while we were going through the mountains but nothing too serious. These storms looked pretty big. Each turn that would take me a little more west I would whisper a prayer that we would pass the storm. To back track a little, when we were on 39 still we went through Goshen pass which was an amazing part of this route where we were following a river on a twisty road with some areas that were canyons above the river and other spots that were level with the river. We ended up stopping twice which took about 10 minutes total to take some photos and walk down toward the river. So now, back looking for the Natural Bridge, we are really, I mean really close to this big thunderstorm. As we start getting closer to the area of the bridge the roads start getting wet and you can see the steam rising as it starts to evaporate off the road with the sun beating down on it. The further we got the closer I realized we were to the storm. Had we been 10 minutes earlier we would have been in that storm. The sad news is that the Natural Bridge was closed and we missed it on the way in, so on the way out Dawn saw the entrance to the now “amusement” like park of this natural wonder. Oh well, you can google to see a picture of the Natural Bridge in Virginia.


Goshen Pass



Elkins quick stop for gas but a cool statue and church across the street

We decided to head back toward the interstate and find a spot to stop to find a hotel since we didn’t have cell service by the bridge. We pulled into a gas station and started our quest for shelter for the night. I was hoping for a hotel with a bar/restaurant so we wouldn’t have to leave again. After several minutes of looking we decided we would go past Roanoke to Christiansburg to stay for the night. May as well try to avoid any morning rush hour traffic. When we checked into the hotel we unloaded the bikes and headed to the room. As we walked in I noticed a suitcase half unpacked on one of the beds!!! OMG They put us in someone’s room! Luckily there wasn’t someone half undressed in there! We got a new room and got our stuff settled. We then ran up the road to a Japanese Steak House and sat at the Sushi bar. We had a good dinner then swung by a store to pick up some Virginia Cabernet.


Sushi dinner

As I was writing this blog I heard something outside my window…A HUGE THUNDERSTORM!!! For those of you who don’t live in Anchorage, you won’t understand my fascination! We never get these especially the big kind where it is pouring rain and there is lightning and thunder everywhere! I tried to go listen to it outside but, as soon as I opened the door I was greeted by about 6 men who are working in the area…let’s just say in my tank and pj’s I felt a little uncomfortable so I went back to the room to listen through the locked window!


Orange is our route

Such an awesome day, I can’t imagine doing this ride on any other motorcycle than a Harley! I love my new CVO it runs so smooth! Might have to sell my 2015 after all…tomorrow Kentucky!!!

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Niagra Falls to Granstvill, MD

Today was probably the most interesting of our trip so far. We decided to get our bikes loaded up early so we could run up and see Niagra Falls before our 9am appointment at American Harley-Davidson. We stayed at a Holiday Inn last night, and they let us park the bikes under the overhang by the front door. As we were about to leave, I was sitting on my bike about to input the GPS location and all of a sudden over the top of my windshield crawled a freakish looking spider. I normally don’t freak out too much but this this was a weird light gray color and started descending in front of my screen. So I did what any rational, tough biker chick would do…I screamed…jumped off my bike and jumped up and down squealing. Dawn came to my rescue and flung it off with her gloved had. My excuse…I wasn’t wearing gloves.


Nothing like a little spider action to get you going…so off we headed to Niagra Falls. When we got there we found some street parking around the block rather than paying $10 to park in the “official” parking lot. The falls are amazing, and really beautiful. There was a big rainbow overhead from all the mist. You can see the mist from miles away as you drive toward it. I might be a little crazy, but Dawn and I found a group of gray squirrels doing acrobatics off a little tree and tackling each other far more entertaining than water falling over a cliff! We stood and watched them for awhile just cracking up, Dawn got a video of them and we had a good laugh at dinner as well.


Say hello to my little friend!!

So from there we headed to the dealership, which was smaller than we expected and we were early so we had to wait around for about 15 minutes until the Service Department opened. After they checked us in, we asked if there was any food nearby and one of the guys said that there was a “Tim Hortons about a 1/4 mile up the street.” So we headed out, by now the sun was up and it was hot and muggy! After about a quarter mile and no restaurant in sight we asked a lady and she informed us that it was at the next intersection, which was actually almost a mile from the dealership. When we arrived we discovered it was a fast food/donut shop. If you know me, you know I can’t and won’t eat that kind of food, so black coffee for me and a snack for Dawn. I had some snacks back in the bike. One of the service advisors used to work up in Fairbanks at the dealership up there, so we knew a lot of the same people. I sent a text to the owners up there with a photo of myself and Nick. Small world indeed!

We headed out on the 219 which was a beautiful road and it took us through some great twists and forests. We rode on the outskirts of the Allegheny National Forest. I was using the GPS and realized I had some avoidances wrong so I changed it to fastest route around DuBois, PA. We had originally planned to take 219 the entire way, but instead I took us on quite an adventure of random roads. Some by accident and some from listening to the GPS which kept coming up with fun short cuts. I honestly can’t even tell you what roads we took but I know we did a lot of zig zagging between south, east and west. We had a low fuel scare, a low food scare and a late night dark twisty farm roads scare. I even managed to find the only restaurant when we were starving that had a GIANT gravel parking lot! Poor Dawn, she hates gravel. It was also so hot, I could feel my face getting more burnt as we rode so when we stopped I used my spare bandanna as a face mask so I would prevent further raccoon face.


New sun block

Earlier in the day we had decided we could make it to Granstville, MD and we found a cute little motel that had originally been a B&B. During our scenic route to get to Maryland, we had about 45 miles left to go and we ended up on 219 again which was now a expressway with multiple lanes. Then I saw the sign for the Flight 93 Memorial. As soon as Dawn saw the sign and she saw my blinker she nodded yes and we headed toward the memorial. All Americans have memories from that day, and I think most of us think of the Twin Towers since that was the largest loss of life. The memorial that is built in the middle of this rural farm area with rolling hills is sobering and awesome to say the least. It is hard to explain, but it is very interpretive and they have a number you can call to received information as you walk through the site. The path of the accident is now the walkway, it is all very humbling. As we rode out of there you can’t help but be in a reflective mood and we had a beautiful sunset highlighting the sky and just enough clouds to capture the light. We rode through rolling hills and it was simply breathtaking.



93 Memorial


My poor directional sense and a whacky GPS had us on some really small and curvy roads which were fun earlier in the daylight but as it started getting dusk it is a little scary with the potential for deer etc. It really got fun when we were on the small farm roads, with not lanes, and it would go into a wooded hollow and it would be basically pitch black! Let’s just say I prayed a lot that God would keep the critters off the road! We made it to the freeway for the last 5 miles and then got to our destination. It was 8:45pm when we checked in, and of course they were closed for food. The nice gal at the desk said there was an IHOP about a mile up the road…what is with these people and directions!!?? We drove about 4 miles, including driving through the main intersection which we discovered was where we needed to make a right and drive another 1/4 mile to find the IHOP. We order our food, and after about 15 minutes the waitress comes back to tell me they messed up my order so they were remaking it. About another 20 minutes later it finally came out…let’s just say their “omelet” looked more like a poorly done hash. But at 10pm beggars can’t be choosers. I felt bad for her because the kitchen messed up a few times, so I gave her a generous tip, it wasn’t her fault.

We finally made it back to the motel and decompressed for a minutes. Now we are off to bed so we can start our next adventure through the Virginia’s!

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